Toy Story’s MIND BLOWING Easter Egg

Toy Story's MIND BLOWING Easter Egg

In true Pixar fashion, rumors are spiraling around the internet about another genius Easter Egg hidden and now marveled in one of their movies.

Pixar loves these clues, which they plant in movies all the time. Seriously, look it up on YouTube, you’ll get 196,000 results!!! But this shock to hard core Pixar fans really means the studio outdid themselves.

Their most popular franchise, Toy Story, will touch hearts AGAIN as it’s been announced that Andy’s mom was Jessie’s owner!!!

Doesn’t make any remote sense to you!? Well, let’s backtrack.

First let’s refresh our memories:

Andy is the boy we see grow up over the course of the three movies. He owns Woody and Buzz (the two main characters/toys).


Jesse is the cowgirl who debut in the sequel when Woody is “kidnapped” by one very creepy collector. Jesse was given up as her owner, Emily, who lost interest in the wild wild west (we learn this in an extremely emotional tear jerker of “When She Loved Me”).


Andy’s mother, Ms. Davis, is barely featured the movies but we’d see occasional glimpses of her. But get ready because Ms. Davis has gotten a LOT more interesting.

Did you notice a pattern in the two pictures above? (We will pause a moment so you can scroll up). For the nonobservant, Jesse and Andy are wearing virtually the same hat!!!

Now for those who think that coincidences happen, we’ve got more!!! In “When She Loved Me” on the bed, there’s a much larger cowboy hat…the SAME hat that Woody must be wearing!!!


How else could he have gotten the cowboy hat? His mom must of given it to him because she herself used it growing up when she played with none other than Jesse!!! Yes, Ms. Davis has a first name: Emily.


I’ll let you process that for a moment.


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