“Funny Girl” with Lea Michelle in the Works!!!

Were serious, the talented Lea Michelle may actually get to live out her TV and real life dreams as playing the iconic Fanny Brice on Broadway. The Glee star told Jonathan Groff in an interview for Teen Vogue that the Fox show’s creator Ryan Murphy has bought the rights to the movie and is hoping to put in on Broadway soon. Obviously Michelle, his overrated prodigy, will follow in Barbra’s footsteps as starring in the Tony winning production. Her, and her character, have been less than subtle with their love for Ms. Streishand with countless performances of the singer’s songs. This would be the perfect move on all cylinders. Glee which well be ending after Season 6, could gain momentum with this Broadway cross over. Right before the season premiere, I think over the summer would be the perfect time to run it where it’s not pressured into being a long time Tony winning hit (similar to First Date). This also seems like the right move for Michelle who is trying to grow closer to stardom. She was in the spotlight after her boyfriend and co-star, Cory Motheith’s tragic death and her album made a small splash. This would be the perfect time to return to the Broadway fan base that want’s her back so desperately (the actress and singer made her debut in Spring Awakening). A win on all fronts, this will please fans of Glee, Broadway, and Lea Michelle, a star who could be on the verge of hitting superstardom on her determined journey to make it.


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