The Jungle Book VS The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book VS The Jungle Book

Thinking Micky Mouse knows something they don’t, Warner Brothers will follow Disney blindly with bringing ANOTHER live action fairy tale movie sometime soon. The studio, which has already been criticized for following Disney’s playbook with their rushed DC Cinematic Universe, will also compete with the box office powerhouse with this new genre. Now once again, this time around Disney has sunk their teeth much deeper, thinking out what they’ll be doing in a long strategic plan. With live action movies of Maleficent, Cinderella, and Peter Pan already slated, the company certainly has their house in order. On the other hand, Warner Brothers is scrambling to compete in the arena. And now we have the perfect opportunity to give a clear winner with both studios taking on the same project: The Jungle Book. It seems like after Snow White back in 2011 and Peter Pan sometime 2015, it’s become a trend to have the same movie fight to the death. And I think it’s a real problem. Intentionally placed in the same time frame, there can only be one winner with audiences not willing to see both over a three month period. Instead of letting it go, these two corporations are stubborn with not compromising. It’s now clearer than ever that both Disney and Warner Brothers want to prove to audiences that their the better. Disney’s adaptation has already signed on Jon Favreau (the controversial director that helmed the first to Iron Man movies) which is setting the bar low or at least audiences expectations. Fighting back, Warner Brothers is looking to Ron Howard who has been infamous for ruining sacred source material (How the Grinch Stole Christmas). While neither are the best choice, Howard might be the better having proved himself slightly with last years Rush. Favreau, great at directing comedies, can’t perfect serious tones making him an interesting choice for The Jungle Book. While I’d like to see Warner Brothers win (they need to have SOME self confidence with bigger more important projects down the road) I’m past their petty fights. At this point I just want a good movie. I’d love to see a visually stunning special effects epic like Life of Pie and maybe the other with a gritty serious undertone. The movie has potential, but hopefully the studios can focus on the project not the competition. Because if they do, we know were going to get a mess.


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