Jimmy Fallon’s Reign Over Late Night

Jimmy Fallon's Reign Over Late Night

Late Night Television is in desperate need of transformation, and Jimmy Fallon promises to reinvigorate the bland predicability. The two marble pillars of Late Night Television, David Letterman and Jay Leno have been shattered with one single man: Jimmy Fallon who hopes to repair the crumbling Greek empire. For years one had two options: the all too nice Jay Leno or the irritable David Letterman with a sting that beat out fluff. And while recently we’ve been brought other options (Conan O’Brian, George Lopez, Jimmy Kimmel) satires of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert were unbeatable in ratings. And while Jay Leno was able to lead the ratings in the harsh arena of talk shows, his reign was destined to go as viewers longed for the intangible quality that Leno couldn’t possess. They found it instead with Jimmy Fallon, the SNL veteran who took on Late Night as a fresh talent with endless originality. And, as you could expect, hilarity followed. At the end of the day, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was…fun. You enjoyed watching it- he became the Ellen of primetime TV. At the hands of the polar opposites Leno and Letterman, the empire built by Johnny Carson was close to ruins. With Leno gone officially, it’s not long before Letterman is shone the door as well as both relied on each other. There era is over. It’s time for a fresh new face to appeal to the fresh new faces of American youth. This man could be compared to Carson, whose looked upon as a Greek God among hosts. But I think he’s different. Fallon will be as big and as successful as Carson, but he will thankfully be completely different from anything we’ve seen before. Starting tonight, his rule will take over everything in it’s path. The man has so much left to give and in the long career he has ahead of him we can see that he’s strong enough to carry the pressure. But with Letterman inevitably out the door, there needs to be some…competition. Sure, Seth Myers (who I think will be PERFECT in filling Fallon’s big shoes) will give Fallon a run for his money but they are on the same team. CBS needs to get a young face to give Fallon an edge- a Rome to the Greek Empire. Letterman is too ancient. CBS is now in serious trouble as NBC has an endless lineup of talent pulling from SNL, they’ve got no one. Could they get Anderson Cooper, an opponent likely appealing to CBS? Fallon has brought everything he can to the table but other people need to contribute to the arena. Yes, there’s the slum of hosts from ABC and TBS but none can really compete with the deity that’s become Fallon. Tonight, as the new era starts, were seeing a one sided fight. If someone, CBS or other, can fight back…well we will have one heck of a showdown. But as it is… we’re still in for one heck of ride.


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