Iron Man 3 Short Film Released

Iron Man 3 Short Film Released

Hoping to give closure to the millions of passionate fans of Iron Man who were more than angry at Marvel’s choice to make Tony Stark’s ultimate villain an actor, there’s joy and hilarity to be found in the 15 minute short film. Ben Kingsley returns as the Mandarin or at least as a Trevor Slattery playing the Mandarin. Set in a prison after his confrontation with Iron Man, the short film tells the story of Slattery after the chaos. As part of the Thor: The Dark World Blu Ray disk, the bonus feature is pleasant with much laughter but if your looking to be reconciled for Marvel’s controversial plot twist, you won’t get it. What’s done in the Marvel Cinematic Universe can’t be undone but the studio can make the twist live up to it’s full potential of hilarity.


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