Frozen’s Indina Menzel Will Sing at the Oscars!

Frozen's Indina Menzel Will Sing at the Oscars!

It’s true!!! When the MAJOR (we don’t use Caps Lock lightly!!!) success of Disney’s animated hit Frozen was nominated for an Oscar for “Best Original Song” we hoped for the news but weren’t sure we’d get it. But we now have an answer: yes, Indina Menzel, the Broadway vet who deservedly got attention for voicing the character of Elsa, and more importantly for singing “Let It Go,” will preform the hit song at the 86th Academy Awards. The star of Wicked, Rent, and soon If/Then was thrilled at the news that she was given the opportunity and so are we!!! Let’s face it: despite her guest appearance on Glee, her career has been declining since her Tony win for Elphaba. We were starting to think that the peak of her career was being in the green eight times a week TEN years ago! But boy were we wrong!!! While Hollywood stars like Kristen Bell shared their voice for Frozen, all attention was on Menzel as the Snow Queen that stole everyone’s heart. Her anthem, “Let It Go” along with the entire album, has topped the charts for one giant success. Like the box office, the song topped the charts from the start beating out big names like Beyonce. It’s clear this is her year, or at least her second chance as her Broadway show If/Then will premiere perfectly timed this Spring which will guarantee her career to once again soar. Were so proud that Broadway has been a success with mainstream audiences as this revolutionary juggernaut that’s Frozen paves the way for more theatricality in the movies. And now, the movie, already slated for Broadway, will certainly have an Oscar for “Best Original Song” thanks to Menzel; a reborn star.


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