Lego Movie 2 In the Works!?

Lego Movie 2 In the Works!?

After surprising approval from critics and a box office that’s higher than any analysis, is it too soon to assume that The Lego Movie 2 is green lit? Pleasing both fan boys and families with an endearing story but edgy cast, The Lego Movie was a victory on all spectrums. This is a big win for Warner Brothers, who have lacked an audience with faith in them as their projects are in shambles (Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther…need I say more!?). With a $69.1 million opening (expected to be at best $40), the surprise hit should merit a sequel and there’s reason to believe it. Before the movie even premiered it was reported that a second installment was in the works with screenwritersJared Stern (The Internship, Mr. Popper’s Penguins) and Michelle Morgan (Girl Most Likely) attached. But their spotty (to put it lightly) track record at the box office may make Warner Brothers stick with the original creative team. If there’s anything consistent in Hollywood it’s that when you have something good you milk it out until it’s dry. And with the Lego Movie, there is a bountiful well to draw from. The news is not set in stone, but we are confident that it’s more than a rumor. And if it is, it’s one that will be turned into fact very very soon.


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