The X Factor Cancelled

The X Factor Cancelled

Well, we knew it was coming! Today it was announced that The X Factor will be canceled after consistent declines in ratings over it’s three season run. The show, created by the iconic TV personality Simon Cowell, hoped to have as great a success as he had with the series across the pond in America-jumping off his gig on American Idol which he also created. But with too much of a focus on judges that didn’t connect well with audience members (cough cough Britney Spears!!!) the show declined in viewers from the start. Personally I feel like this is more than Cowell’s fault, I think the entire show was a drastic embarrassment to everyone involved, particularly distributor Fox. I was excited to see the show after it being so highly anticipated back in 2011 but clearly it never resonated with audiences. Despite trying a new approach to get more affordable stars on the judging panel, boredom ensued in their last attempt. But not only was this a problem for The X Factor but also with American Idol, which became a sinking ship shortly after Cowell’s departure. The most popular show at the time, Idol was a smashing success…until NBC produced The Voice- a show dominating ratings since it’s premiere. Instead of competing with one great show, Fox had two, Idol and X Factor, with neither doing well. I think canceling the show will help Fox have a more focussed approach with making one great show and not two mediocre. Also, as fate would have it, American Idol is coming back slow and steady. With a panel that’s FINALLY a hit (lately thanks to Harry Connick Jr.) there’s hope that the once great show could be reinvigorated. And, maybe there’s a silver lining for Cowell who, also today, announced he will move back to England to judge with the U.K. version of X Factor. The version, which brought One Direction to our lives, is the perfect place for Cowell to get his career back together for a triumphant return back to the U.S. Or not. We’ll have to see. No matter what, we think this decision is not only good but necessary. For The X Factor, American Idol, Simon Cowell, and Fox. But most importantly: us!


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