The Amazing Spiderman 2 Predictions

The Amazing Spiderman 2 Predictions

With two trailers coming out this week, it looks like The Amazing Spiderman 2 will be the biggest release of the summer pleasing fans and critics alike. With the origin story that we know too well out of the way, Sony, a company trying to be seen between Marvel and DC, can now be free to tell fresher stories about the famous web slinger saving the city. If the rumors are true, AKA the clues Sony intentionally placed in the trailers, then there is going to be a lot going on in this sequel. Not only will there be three (yes three!!!) villains, were likely seeing the foundation for the Sinister Six that will either appear in the next film or in their speculated spin off. While the Rhino will certainly make an appearance, it seems it will be more of a cameo while Electro takes the spotlight until the Green Goblin steals it from him. On top of that, Gwen Stacey might have her all to known death in the second installment (we were considering it a spoiler but everyone already knows!!!). At this pace, we can now see why Mary Jane (played by Shailene Woodley) was taken out in pre-production. But can they juggle all these elements as it is? I don’t know. While it’s certain it won’t be boring, we think it might be a little too much. We think the interesting, although unrealistic character of Electro (played excellently by Jamie Fox) deserves more attention than he’s going to get. While Sony may make him the MAIN villain, meaning more screen time, our attention will always be on the Green Goblin or at least the lead up to him. And then on top of that adding the Sinister Six? I think it would be fine having them in the next movie with a more clear, focussed plot for this installment, but instead were seeing this crazy mashup. Now, of course it’s too soon to really say if there can be clarity in the chaos of plot lines through the script, but what we can say is that the movie will impress Comic Book fans. While the first one was more dark and gritty, this epic will be more true to the comics visually. For one thing, the suit impressed fans of the hero on the page, saying that they finally got it right. And now I’ve heard from many Comic Book fans that each shot seems straight from a panel of the comics. While some may relate the lighter brighter tone to Sam Raimi’s adaptation of Spiderman, I think (or at least hope) that it’s similar to The Avengers. What made the 2012 flick a success by all standards was how strikingly close it was to the comics and hopefully that’s what we see here. While I like the darker, grittier first I can understand them polishing it to fit the desires of everyone. So far The Amazing Spiderman 2 is shaping up to be a success the question now is whether they can handle the many elements or collapse under all the weight.


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