Bruno Mars Superbowl Halftime Show Review!

Bruno Mars Superbowl Halftime Show Review!

Talent is not in short supply with the 28 year old sensation, Bruno Mars, who brings endless class to the music industry with his ongoing success. The Halftime Show is certainly one of the biggest performances an artist could land, and Bruno Mars was certainly a risk. His age makes him unrecognizable to anyone over 30 but in time the talent will rightfully be known and admired by every generation. His hits like “Locked out of Heaven,” “Treasure,” and “Just The Way You Are” can appeal to any age but every demographic? For once, the Superbowl has finally booked an artist who hasn’t fallen down from the peak of their careers (cough cough Madonna) but we still feel like this fresh face’s performance lacked surprises. We know it isn’t his style, but we kind of want the “bells and whistles” in something of this scale. While there were really great lighting affects and heck of a lot of fireworks, the set and costumes underwhelmed us. We were hoping for quick changes, and massive sets with dancers jumping from all different parts of the stage…and what we got instead were men in gold jackets on a tiny rectangle. Mars had a great track list sung with an incredible voice but there was nothing that differentiated the different numbers (with the exclusion of the very touching finale). We thought there might be different costumes and different locations for each number but they all looked the same. And while we knew that having guest appearances may overshadow the lesser known but very talented star, the Red Hot Chile Peppers were a tacky annoyance that disrupted everything. Now granted, we think it was one of the better halftime shows we’ve seen, we were a little disappointed with the simplicity of it all. There are certain venues where that’s great but with a Superbowl Halftime show where millions are watching, you’re expecting choreographed chaos which we didn’t get. Mars did well at what we thought he’d do not what we were wanting to see.


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