Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther

For those who thought casting Ben Affleck as Batman was bad enough, Jesse Eisenberg will play Lex Luther in Zach Snyder’s highly anticipated Batman VS. Superman movie. Intentionally announced on Friday to stop online circulation from reviewers like us, knowing that weekdays have far more traffic online than weekends, they still couldn’t stop the whirlwind of opinions hitting the internet on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and of course Viewz. Now this isn’t the only casting announcement that they made, with Jeremy Irons also announced to play Alfred. But while that news might be a little off putting (we thought no one could be better than Michael Caine in the role) Warner Brothers choice to put Eisenberg in the coveted role of Lex Luther was just disastrous. I had thought, and many other’s did as well, that Bryan Cranston would play the iconic arch-enemy or at least Walking Phoenix- both of whom were heavily rumored to be cast. But Eisenberg came completely out of left field. Being so young and not having the build for the character makes us think that Lex Luther, like everything else in the Batman VS. Superman movie, will not be what we wanted or at least not what we envisioned. Now it seems like Luther will be a younger certainly nerdier take, after all, Jesse Eisenberg is known for playing the geek after getting an Oscar nomination for “The Social Network” and great reviews for “Now You See Me.” But can he play the evil, larger than life character? It’s going to be a tough call. And while these out of the box choices may cause confusion at first, were starting to see some…strategy to DC Comic’s cinematic universe. In the supernova that’s Marvel, there’s a sense of predictability about it all. We know what were getting before we even see the trailer. With DC, you never know what’s going to happen. And this craziness is at the very least interesting. Crazy might win over predictable even if it’s so crazy it doesn’t work. I may not like the overall product, but at the very least I’ll be thoroughly entertained. It’s almost like “Spiderman: Turn off the Dark” in the sense that once you go down that road of absurdity there’s no turning back. Now that your on that track you have to keep going with it. I personally, didn’t think they could pull off a serious brilliant movie with the absence of Christopher Nolan, so why even try? Now I’m sure for Comic Book fans that at long last having this epic showdown on the big screen meant a lot to them and to have it ruined is terrifying, but to us it’ll be one heck of a ride. This will very likely go down as one of the worst superhero movies ever made, but I’d rather watch an unforgettably bad movie than a disappointingly amateur attempt.



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