The Fault In Our Stars: Predictions

The Fault In Our Stars: Predictions

Praised the best Young Adult book of the new generation, the book rightfully has one of the strongest fan bases. Likely due to John Green, the brilliant mastermind behind the 2012 book (and the witty YouTube channel “vlogbrothers”), the endearing story is freshly set apart from the standards of Hollywood. Starring a female without inches makeup, the character feels raw, real, and relatable. Shailene Woodley, after trapped in an ABC contract for “The Secret Life of An American Teenager” proved she could pull it off as a serious actor after getting an Oscar nomination for her perfect portrayal in “The Descendants.” And through the Official Trailer released earlier today, it’s clear she’ll be just as good if not better as a cancer patient trying to feel love in the difficult time. The star has signed on to the equally popular “Divergent” series and oddly enough, her love interest in TFIOS will play her brother in the dystopian fiction epic. Why I bring these up are because I feel they are strikingly similar. Both have spring/summer release dates and I think both will have the problem of gaining the mainstream audiences. Their army of fans will certainly support the films but the question will be whether it is enough to make the movie a success for Hollywood. While “The Fault In Our Stars” has more devote fans there is still not as much interest from people who haven’t read the book. It seems the project is in the middle between Indie and Mainstream which might confuse what to expect. But to those who have read the book, the beautiful story will trigger every nerve in your body and bring out every tear. The project may not be as successful as any given superhero movie, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t earn it. The brilliant story and performances should please analysts, critics, and fans. But this is Hollywood. And in Hollywood that’s not possible. As much as i’d love to see “The Fault In Our Stars” be a success in all three, it can’t be. It’s demographic makes the award season unreachable and the story makes a box office hit equally impossible. The project can’t find solid footing because it’s everywhere in between. But no matter, we predict that the movie will please critics and fans. And in the end, approval from the audience is what really matters.


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