Josh Gad as The Thing for Fantastic Four!

Josh Gad as The Thing for Fantastic Four!

According to inside sources, Josh Gad is the ideal choice for The Thing in their 2015 Fantastic Four movie causing, deservedly, quite a frenzy online. Now, it’s VERY unlikely that Gad will take on Ben Grimm (AKA The Thing) but if the rumor’s out there so are our opinions on it. Gad, a star of the hit Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon” may have failed on the small screen with NBC’s now canceled “600 Penn” but Hollywood continues to put faith in him. Starring alongside Ashton Kutcher in “Jobs” put his name in the arena but voicing the now beloved character of Olaf in Disney’s “Frozen” made him a talent to watch. And sure enough, within a few weeks of “Frozen”‘s success, Gad was signed on to star in the highly anticipated “Giligan’s Island.” And while we were okay with the casting choice this is straight out unacceptable. Josh Gad does not have the physical resemblance nor the angry Hulk like persona to pull off the gruff superhero. Gad has been good at playing the sweet lovable characters, not the mean menacing ones. I think that if the rumor becomes real, Fox’s chance at success with Marvel’s proprieties have vanished. Any chance of redemption for the original (although best described as terrible) original adaptation will be lost with this casting choice. Within seconds, the movie has turned from anticipated to a joke. Please Hollywood, get this project right. Josh Gad is talented but not right for the role.


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