Elizabeth Banks Will Direct Pitch Perfect 2

Elizabeth Banks Will Direct Pitch Perfect 2

All good news comes with a catch in Hollywood as the Pitch Perfect sequel was announced…with Elizabeth Banks at the helm. Yes, the Hunger Games and 30 Rock star will not only produce and play a part in the film (like she did in the first movie) but direct it!! We think it’s an…interesting choice but if there’s one movie for her to make her directorial debut in, this seems like the perfect fit. It already has the fan base and lucky for her, direction isn’t really a distinct aspect of the comedy. This is also a win for producers (at least for now!!!) with news circulating about the project. And while I didn’t really love her character in the surprise hit comedy, I think her contribution behind the scenes was superb. Having the original idea for the quirky comedy she deserves her accolades for the film, which thanks largely to On Demand (and of course “The Cup Song”) became a huge success. Were excited for both Pitch Perfect 2 and Elizabeth Banks (who will star in The Lego Movie, Walk of Shame, and many many others this year). This seems like a win for them and likely a win for audiences.


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