Peter Pan Will Fly to the Small Screen for NBC Special!

Peter Pan Will Fly to the Small Screen for NBC Special!

After the major (and we mean MAJOR) success of The Sound of Music Live! last December, NBC producers have been scrambling to find similar success with a classic Broadway hit and they think they’ve found it.

Premiering December 4th, 2104; Peter Pan will fly to the small screen. This is certainly not the first time the Boy Who Won’t Grow Up was brought to the screen- who could forget the 1954 classic starring Mary Martin (who interestingly enough also played Maria Von Trapp in The Sound of Music). The TV special has since become a classic and earned three times (yes three times!!!) the ratings that The Sound of Music Live! pulled in.

So far the smart choice by NBC has merited impressed fans but were still hesitant that they will make the same mistakes that they did with the Von Trapp family. We want a dream cast! No country or pop stars taking on (and butchering) the role. And now as much as we’d love Laura Osnes or some Broadway vet to take on the role of Peter, we know NBC needs a star to pull in the ratings. What NBC should try to do is get a star who has proven they can act and sing.

What about Kristen Chenowith, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams, or Kellie Pickler, as Peter Pan? Hathaway and Williams might be too ambitious of a casting choice but whatever, a person can dream can’t they? Or, if they decide to have a male Peter what about Jonathan Groff or Chris Colfer?

These people can both SING and ACT that would be able to bring in ratings AND critical approval. They all have singing or Broadway experience but can also there are the Hollywood credentials that will show there popular stars AND talented performers.
In addition, we think that a live studio audience shot in an actual theater would help. We don’t want cheap two dimensional sets in a warehouse with awkward silence after songs. Mary Martin’s Peter Pan was shot at the Winter Garden Theatre and, while we don’t know what theater could be open in the busy holidays, NBC could afford it.

Heck, when they go to so much trouble, why not have it actually be on Broadway? When it’s on Broadway, the quality of the show will certainly be higher as the bar is set higher. Plus, December is one of the most popular months for the Great White Way and having the show open for a week or so would boost their revenue.

So far were impressed NBC at your decision, but will this dream become a reality? Knowing the cash grabbing network, it won’t be. But, with so much time to be delusional about what it will be, were happy thinking that NBC will listen to it’s audience at least for now. Like we said above, a person can dream can’t they!?!?

Leave your thoughts down below on what you want to see with Peter Pan on NBC!



  1. Ultimate Entertainment · January 20, 2014

    Pink would be a great choice but without proven acting experience there’s major risk involved.

  2. Ultimate Entertainment · January 20, 2014

    Miley Cyrus??? I know that may be scary but think about it…

  3. Ultimate Entertainment · January 20, 2014

    Ariana Grande as Wendy?

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