Batman VS. Superman Delayed to 2016!

Batman VS. Superman Delayed to 2016!

Originally planned for July 17th of 2015, the highly anticipated Batman VS. Superman team up is being pushed back ten months to May 6th, 2016. Loosing all momentum after dominating headlines with their decisions, it’s going to be a hard fight for DC Comics to hold onto our attention, with their next release date so far away. Any hope that DC Comics could compete with Marvel have been extinguished. With the mad genius Christopher Nolan out of the picture, it’s clear that Zach Snyder cannot hold his own let alone be the face of the DC Cinematic Universe. Premiering in 2015 was VITAL for the strength of DC Comics, with distributor Warner Brothers withdrawing their box office potential out of the arena that’s become the 2015 movie slate. With projects like Avengers Age of Ultron, Star Wars, and Jurassic Park producers clearly have no faith that Batman VS. Superman could survive. Now, they did claim that the delay was due to better preparing the movie but to us, the statement is inexcusable. With the juggernaut Marvel pumping out movies left and right, DC Comics had at one point took their time to produce quality. But with Nolan out of the picture time doesn’t change the quality of the film. Time cannot save this film. The DC cinematic universe is already destroyed and now it’s just using Duct Tape to fix the sinking ship. Having no clear plan in sight, DC Comics is scrambling to our discomfort. I want them to produce a great film but I know that they won’t. They can’t. They are simply trying to buy more time before audiences catch on to their lack of preparedness. Hopefully, we’ll have a great Batman VS. Superman when it comes out in 2018.


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