Madonna and Adele Collaboration

Madonna and Adele Collaboration

“Rumor Has It” that the soul singer Adele has agreed to team up with Pop legend Madonna for an album to end all albums. It was reported earlier today that Madonna wants the 25 year old singer to help her create a more sensitive, mature album and in return Madonna will write a dance anthem for Adele’s highly anticipated next album (hopefully out by this summer!!!). While we like the idea that Madonna is changing things up were not too thrilled with the addition of a dance anthem to Adele’s track list. It was already rumored that Adele’s album would be a fusion between modern Jazz and classic songs but adding a pop anthem might put us over the edge. We can see why Adele might want to change things up (even though we all want her not to!!!) but crossing into pop is EXACTLY what we didn’t want. We wanted edgy but not auto-toned trash. Adele, we hope this is either a hoax or that you can pull it off. But right now it seems like she’s doing neither and were sick to our stomachs. Adele PLEASE prove us wrong!


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