Top Products from CES 2014!

Top Products from CES 2014!

The technological dreamland named the Consumer Electronics Show, is a convention for brands to show off their latest cutting edge advancements with an audience in awe. From cars to toothbrushes, we’ve named the Top Products from CES 2014 from the most practical to absurd.


Flat Screens may be a thing of the past as LG and Samsung have planned a new brand of televisions; the bendable. With a touch of a button the flat UHD (Ultra High Definition) screen can curve to give a more immersive experience for more than just the person sitting directly in front. The high price tag, which seems to trump all TV’s coming from CES, is far too much for the present day consumer but when interest rises, then prices will drop. And we can’t wait.


With watches being the first attempt at mastering wearable technology, out of CES there is a winner… for now. Although Samsung was first to the arena, the new Razer Nabu is the unobtrusive combination of a watch and band. Allowing you to call and text, the devise can also track sleeping and fitness tendencies. Plus, syncing to Android AND iOS can please all. But what differentiates it from Samsung is the genius ability to share social media contacts when shaking hands of a fellow Razer Nabu wearer. Without hassle, you can easily become Facebook friends or Twitter followers with a simple handshake. It’s a great trial and error for what works and what doesn’t in wearable technology and is the perfect thing to hold people off before Apple’s rumored iWatch comes out.


The one category where Apple is the undeniable winner is in tablets but they may not hold that title for long with Windows resiliently trying to declare itself superior. Coming out soon is the surprising iPad Mini rival; the ThinkPad 8. Being only 8 inches it is amazing the specs and build at only $399. With a Retina like screen and a USB port it stands out. But what we are most excited about is that the Lenovo tablet has the power of Microsoft Office without the thickness of the Surfaces or the bulkiness of other tablets. We think Apple has competition, and both deserve the prize.

The fact is: attached chargers and charging pads are too bulky to lug around on the go. But Duracell claims to have a solution by implementing tabletop-embedded Duracell Powermats to Starbucks stores. Simply plug in a magnetic ring (that you can buy for less than $10 according to Duracell) and place it on a Powermat to fully charge one’s phone. Starbucks is the perfect half of the partnership, having already starting the trend to give free Wi-Fi in public places to draw people in. Now, there doing the same but also giving free charging. Is this concept revolutionary? No. But it’s a quite bonus that makes us love Starbucks even more.


At the convention, it’s clear that the car is the latest hot spot for tech opportunities. And the app Hyundai Genesis is why. The app makes it possible to turn your car on, lock the doors, play Pandora, search Bing, and use a GPS all from your phone or tablet to your Hyundai. The app is sure to start a trend as it has major appeal for drivers.


Okay, probably the most infamous product of any CES is the new smart toothbrush (we’re serious). While it’s been bashed more than once, we think it’s actually kind of smart! But before you click Exit, let me explain! The motorized toothbrush (for about $199) tracks how much you brush. how you brush and how you can improve through an app on iOS. You can send this to your Dentist for further help but instead of having professional help twice a year, you can get it whenever you plug your toothbrush into it’s dock. Plus, there are games for kids that encourages them to brush. Yes, I can see how it’s a hastle to do it every time but it’s just as expensive as a normal motorized brush and the added features can be used every so often as you see fit. It’s pretty cool…or at least as cool as toothbrushes can be.


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