Spiderman Closes On Broadway

Spiderman Closes On Broadway

The troubled musical Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark will end it’s three year run on Broadway as of January 4th, 2013 causing Broadway and Comic Book fans alike to bring out the tissues!

The $75 million dollar spectacle was riddled with controversy whether it was its staggering six month preview period, constant injuries from the cast, or its shakeup in the creative team (cough cough Julie Taymor). But regardless of it’s troubles, we think Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark had potential to break the boundaries of Broadway.

However there is still is hope! Yes, the musical may not be saving New York city but it will web sling it’s way to Las Vegas. In a statement made earlier this morning, the producers said that “Las Vegas, with its year-round stream of tourists seeking the world’s best entertainment, is the natural home for this next incarnation.” They also went on to say that “to prepare for the Las Vegas production, we have tasked the creative team to push the boundaries even further, taking the same story and making it sleeker, bolder, and more spectacular than ever.”

And while we are sad that the neighborhood Spiderman won’t be rocking on Broadway, we find disclosure that it will at least be in Las Vegas. And, in fact, we think this might just be the perfect fit for the famous superhero. Financially, it could be a hit if looked at as more of an arena tour! After all, it could probably match the low standards of Vegas.

And although there’s no official wording on any of the cast, it would be the perfect place for either Alice Cooper or Gene Simmons to join the cast as the Green Goblin, since they won’t be able to make their rumored appearances in the Broadway production.

All in all, this closing might not be bad news in the hopes that they can start a new chapter in the less ambitious world of Las Vegas.


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