iPhone 5S and 5C Cases Review!

iPhone 5S and 5C Cases Review!

Okay, I get what you are saying; why do you have to complain about every unnecessary detail? To answer that question frankly, some things no matter how insignificant can be hugely annoying. And right now, Apple’s new breed of cases has gotten me so fired up (or at least as fired up as you can be about cases) that I need an outlet to unleash my rage. So, of course I turn to you.

Let’s start with just the iPhone 5S. Coming from the geniuses that designed iOS 7, I expected more from them. These horrendous muted colors look muddy and downright ugly. Is it supposed to be inspired by Fall? Because I’m not too pleased with the brown and yellow color pallet they’ve got going on. If you’re trying to look sophisticated Apple you maybe shouldn’t have gone with the vibrant and playful colors of the iOS 7.

But if you think that’s bad do not even get me started on the iPhone 5C. What were they thinking? I give them credit for trying to utilize the already colored phone by having the case have holes, but really? It looks like a Tic-Tac-Toe board. At least give us other patterns to choose from then the boring circles you’ve come up with. And what’s worse is that the text on the back of the iPhone bleeds through, forcing your gaze to look immediately at it. Your advertisements highlighting the cases have made me want to unplug the TV set.

Why is it so hard Apple to come up with a simple case? That’s all were asking for. It’s incredibly frustrating that a company who has redefined the mobility of technology can’t even see what looks pretty with what.

If you seriously think that we are going to pay the astronomical $29.99 for any of it you are out of your mind. I’m sure I can find an overpriced case that looks a lot better elsewhere.

Okay, I think that’ll do for my rant. Thanks for taking the time for reading. Comment if you agree or disagree!


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